Our Mission


"No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger..."


"Give Eduction And proper guidence to poor stdents and talented lads."


Babu Tufani Singh Mahavidyalaya is run by Babu Tufani Singh Memorial Trust,  which aims to spread the quality education to the people living in urban and rural areas.

We believe that education is the fundamental right of every human being. Without knowledge, human is like an animal. We have capable teachers having specialized knowledge and experience in each course being offered.

Besides academics, this organization strives to develop the physical and mental fitness of the students and helps them improving their social and ethical skills by providing them the sports education.

Babu Tufani Singh Memorial Trust helps the economically challenged and eligible and brilliant students by providing them free education and suitable opportunities.

BTS Chanduali work is concentrated in the fields of Education, Health and Community Development which we believe are the areas of greatest need and deserve to be the foci of our attention. We believe the three are inter-related fields and together the only way to make a sustainable and impactful difference in the beneficiary population.

We work for the upliftment of the poor and destitute by helping them achieve socio-economic independence, self-sustainability and health. We do everything from providing educational and health services to the needy, mainstreaming marginalized street children, making low-literate youth employable and empowering women. We help those in need with full respect, love and commitment, with the aim to not deliver charity but to empower them to better their own lot.

BTS Chanduali is the only full-spectrum grassroots NGO in India providing services spanning the development trifecta of Education, Health and Community Development and thus able to provide a comprehensive path from poverty to prosperity and fully empower the destitute to tread it successfully.


    Address : Babu Tufani Singh Mahavidyalya Fattepur Kala, Majhwaar, Chanduali U.P.
    Contact : 9415356099, 9838944223 .